20 Men's Watches For You To Choose From

Tick tock.

Sure, smartwatches are hella cool and the Apple Watch makes for a great Christmas gift, but remember regular watches? That just tell time?

In fact, the introduction of the Apple Watch to the wearables market contributed to a deep decline in conventional watch sales, according to market research firm NPD Group. This past June, U.S. watch sales fell 14 percent to their lowest point in seven years.

Even so, retailers and experts tell The Baltimore Sun that the classic wristwatch isn’t going anywhere.

One insider with whom the paper spoke emphasized the timeless quality of time-tellers, which can be handed down through generations. Meanwhile, smartwatches, like smartphones, are often updated, replaced or upgraded after a few years with newer, shinier gadgets.

Whether you're on the fence about Apple Watch, want to support a declining industry or just feel like adorning your wrist, here are some classic options at various price points for you to consider:

Under $50




Over $250


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