12 Great Men's Watches For Every Single Budget

12 Men's Watches For Every Single Budget

Watches are kind of like checkbooks: You get the sense that having one is a requirement for being a real adult, yet you really don't know what you would use it for.

Men may not need watches to tell time these days (thanks, iPhones). But that means guys can actually have fun with their timepieces. Since it's there as a pure accessory, use your watch to make whatever style statement you want. Fancy yourself sporty? Smooth? Rugged? There are high-quality men's watches out there in every style and at every price.

You don't need a Rolex to prove your manhood -- a nice Skagen will do. Our favorite picks below, at every price.

Under $100:








Dream on, buddy:


While you're already shopping...

A dark two-piece suit

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