6 Men's Style Trends You'll Definitely See In The Future

Well, in the next few months, at least.

Dark denim, twill chinos, lace-up wingtips and more burgundy. These are the things men will wear in the future -- or as some people call it, the year ahead.

It's the very near future. And while Daft Punk is awesome, we still won't look like something out of Tron anytime soon, according to the algorithm behind Men's Style Lab, an online style concierge. In fact, this year's trends in menswear won't look all that different than they have for the last 20 years.

We still have some time before men start dressing like Daft Punk.
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We still have some time before men start dressing like Daft Punk.

We asked Derian Baugh, the founder and CEO of Men's Style Lab, to put the company's algorithm to work for HuffPost Lifestyle and tell us what trends will emerge, or stay steady, throughout the year. The company's algorithm uses client data on preferences as varied as their dream cars, best work environments and how they feel about the clothes the company sends them.

According to their data, classic stuff, such as jersey blazers, solid oxford shirts and pants in green, coral and burgundy, is here to stay. So in other words, this year's trends in menswear won't look all that different than they have for the last 20 years.

Why? Ashley Weston, an independent celebrity menswear stylist who has styled Harrison Ford, Jon Hamm and Rob Lowe (and has no connection to Men's Style Lab) told HuffPost that trends in menswear are more static than women's trends. "Menswear trends tend to last longer and take time to evolve a little more," she said.

But something like a huge TV show can disrupt the industry. When 'Mad Men' premiered, she said, there was a "huge push for slim fit suits (especially slim lapels) that lasted years."

"What we still have from that trend is definitely slim tailoring, which is still around and likely not going away anytime soon," she added.

So where are we headed? What are the essential items each guy needs to be well-equipped for 2016?

Here are 6 trends Baugh and his Men's Style Lab algorithm say we'll all see in the next year:

Dark Denim
Raw selvedge denim is the gold standard for jeans. These jeans are the best for going from work to a date or drinks after. Because they're darker, more crisp and, when new, shinier, you can dress them up with a blazer or tone them down with a sweater or henley shirt.

"A good pair of denim will start at $98-$168," (like this pair of Edwins ($206, asos.com), Derian Baugh, CEO and founder of Men's Style Lab, told HuffPost. An investment, maybe, "but it will form to your body and become the most comfortable thing you’ve ever worn."
Twill Chinos
Twill chinos, or cotton pants woven in a diagonal pattern, tend to be more durable than other cotton pants, but are also a lot more comfortable, Baugh said.

"Men are starting to care more about how something feels when they wear it. Our twill chinos from Mavi ($98, mavi.com) are a soft cotton blend and are smoother than a baby’s bottom."
Solid Oxford Shirts
"It doesn’t get any more essential than this," Baugh said. "Men are starting to pay attention to how their clothes fit. And with an essential color [such as Gant's clay blue Diamond G Oxford ($98.50, gant.com)] you can’t screw this up. Everyone looks good in blue and blue goes with EVERYTHING. This is one shirt you can never have too many of. The possibilities are endless. It’s a great stand-alone piece, but is also easy to layer. Wear it casually with shorts or dress it up with a tie and sport coat."
Jersey Blazers
Jersey blazers, like this one from ASOS ($154), are made with a blend of cotton and jersey fabric, which keeps them softer but allows them to stretch more than say, a wool or corduroy blazer.

"This makes it breathable and especially light and comfortable. It’s great to wear year round and will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter," Baugh said. "And it travels well without getting wrinkled."
Lace-Up Wingtips
"When you’re a man, with a man’s job, it’s time to ditch the slip-ons and show you’ve grown up with a pair of shoes that earn you the proper amount of attention," Baugh said.

Wingtips, such as these leather brogues from H&M ($79.99) are "the shoes to get you noticed," according to the stylist.

"You can wear [them] with jeans or dress pants. You can easily change the laces to something more fun (maybe blue, yellow or purple and any number of colors)," he said. "Your shoes are the very first thing people subconsciously look at to determine their first impression. And a good pair of wingtips are sure to leave the kind of impression you want to give."

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