Mental Strength

Our brains are the most powerful parts of our bodies. They define whether or not we succeed or fail. Physical strength is easily understood by all. The larger the muscle, the more tone, the better it works but with mental strength we're not able to be seen as it has no physical manifestations.

Creating mental strength is a difficult task. Every single person is born with a certain amount of it. But like all things, it's not about what we're born with, its about what we develop. Developing a mindset to allow us to follow our dreams and find our own paths is imperative if we would be successful.

Increasing our mental strength is just like the muscles in our body. Strength comes with resistance and time. The strongest minds are like the strongest bodies, they've been exercised.

There's an old saying that I like: "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" that is certainly true but I don't think of it as the physical death. Some experiences proved to be too dramatic for its participants. Not everyone is prepared to deal with the challenges that come to the human mind.

I believe in the preparation of the brain so we can handle anything. Living in the world as it really is not an easy task.

I often think about the movie The Matrix. When the main character is offered two pills one will let him open his eyes and the other will allow him to continually live in a make believe world.

Most people live in this make-believe world. I think that liking a post on Instagram will save children in Africa, or that somehow an exotic trip somewhere will mean something. It's certainly wonderful to broaden our horizons and its wonderful to be part of the world in which we live. But many of our daily acts are futile.

As we participate in these daily tasks of futility we decrease our mental strength and foster mental atrophy.

I'm no longer surprised by human behavior. Certainly, I am surprised when someone close to me does some of the crazy things that human beings are capable of, but I generally expect people to do crazy things. When I say "crazy things" I mean do nothing.

Most people wake up every single day and stare their lives away looking at the clock waiting for 5:00 on Friday. Dreaming of the weekend, and so does the weekend hit. They dread Monday morning at 9:00. People wish their lives away.

Many people ask me how it is that I am able to do what I do. Here's some of the things that I've done to create mental strength.

1. Live in reality. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Don't be afraid to get to the bottom of something even if you don't think you'll like the answer. There's a power and knowing.

As I discover more about this planet in which we live, I find myself getting a little bit stronger each and every day. I live in reality. I bathe in it.

2. Give people a break. Part of mental strength is the ability to forgive others. Recognizing what people are and are not will give you power. Many people feel disillusioned because they expect perfection. It's not only ridiculous, it's unattainable.

3. Have no fear. Recognize that you will miss 100% of the shots you do not take. Do not be scared of what people think. Nobody laughs when you are successful.

The truth is there is nothing to fear, only fear itself.