Stress Tip: Find The Humor In Every Situation

Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

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Your body has a built-in stress weapon, and all it takes to use it is a 30-second video on YouTube or a shared laugh with a friend.

Laughter matters. It brings you back down to earth in heated moments, strengthens social bonds and calms your nervous system. Research suggests that laughter may even improve your immune system.

Give yourself more opportunities to laugh daily -- and make it a point to find the funny in whatever happens, good or bad. Whether it's the ludicrousness of a request you received via email, a person who gets under your skin or your own too-high expectations of yourself, poke fun at the situation and watch it lose its stress-induced tension. You'll begin to take yourself less seriously -- lightening the mood and freeing up energy to direct toward solution-finding. Anything with that kind of power is worth making part of your day.

--Posted by Lindsay Holmes

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