Stress Tip: Pay A Compliment

A Pretty Powerful Reason To Be Kind To Others

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Generosity literally makes you happier and healthier. That can mean volunteering, donating to a charity or lending your children's sleds to the neighborhood kids. But what if you don't have any enough time or money (or sleds) to give away?

Here's the best part: Being generous with your words and emotions can be as powerful as giving a tangible gift. Even thinking charitable thoughts about others can boost your mood. That generosity and connection helps you tap into a deeper wellspring of positive emotions to sustain you through challenges. When you're facing a stressful moment, find a way to pay a heartfelt, generous compliment. As you give a little love to someone else, you'll feel better too. That's the very definition of a stress-relief win-win.

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--Posted by Lindsay Holmes

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