Mercedes AMG C63 VS BMW M3 V8


Here we go again, this time myself Lecha Khouri of Supercar Advocates decided to pit together the worlds greatest rivalries. In the Black corner we have the fearsome Mercedes Benz AMG C63 Black Series and in the blue corner the mighty BMW M3 E92 V8. Both cars are the last of their naturally aspirated breed, both feature a V8 and both perform a 0-100 km/h quicker than you can answer your mobile phone.


The thing that made me choose these two is simply because these are Europe's "muscle cars". These are the cars that every young man dreams to own one day and the question has always been up in the air as to which car performs better. Fortunately we have both cars at our disposal and we put them to the test.


Here goes nothing, some private and closed off tarmac, we conduct our test. Don't miss it, you will not forgive yourself.

Written by Lecha Khouri