Mercedes Super Bowl Ad 2013: Kate Upton, Usher, Willem Dafoe Appear In Commercial (VIDEO)

After posting their 2013 Super Bowl commercial, featuring the gorgeous Kate Upton sudsing up the company's new CLA-Class, on YouTube last week, Mercedes-Benz released this extended cut of its ad on Tuesday.

It's outlandish, yes -- but if an energy drink can give you wings and a tube of mascara can make a woman look like Natalie Portman, then why shouldn't it make sense that a snazzy new car could lead to a date with model-of-the-moment Upton, a dancing sesh with R&B star Usher and the selling of your soul to a devil disguised as Willem Dafoe?

Admittedly, the world probably has one too many car ads that claim to turn men into superstars/chick magnets/sexy speed demons; but with its star-studded cast and Upton's smoldering smile, it's pretty difficult to not enjoy this ad.

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