Look Guys, Women Can Grope 'For A Good Cause,' Too!

It looks like two can play at the "grab-and-borderline-violate-each-other’s-privates-in-the-name-of-charity" game.

Back in October, a trio of pickup artists got a rise out of the Internet when it went around motorboating (read: pressing faces into women’s boobs) in order to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Their $7,000 donation was swiftly rejected by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, but their crass approach to raising funds hasn’t gone away.

Perhaps in response to the motorboating moneymaker, Merci Handy –- a French hand sanitizer company -- decided to get a bunch of women together to cup strangers’ crotches in return for a $13.50 donation for men's cancer charities, Blame It On The Voices reported. After all, it is Movember, the month when advocates grow moustaches and raise money and awareness for prostate and testicular cancers.

While the women managed to raise $700, according to Gawker, we’re still kind of just missing the days of reaching straight from the wallet to the donation jar.

Whatever your thoughts are on groping-for-charity, consider learning more about Movember, and the ways in which you can improve the lives of guys facing men’s cancers here.



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