Mercury retrograde in Taurus: Creation Alchemy


Mercury will slow to station retrograde on Thursday, April 28 at 23 degrees Taurus as it reverses through the zodiac until it turns direct on May 22 at 14 degrees Taurus.

This Mercury retrograde in Taurus takes us on a journey of creation alchemy. We'll become intimate with our inner muse and instinctive desires for the purpose of transforming our lives to be in alignment with our core values.

Mercury is the planet that symbolizes communication, journeys and learning. It's normally associated with quickness, but in the fixed Earth sign of Taurus it's more deliberate and thoughtful.

Taurus in Earth puts an emphasis on the physical world - computers, phones, keys, shoes, cars and our physical bodies - especially the throat - are likely to be affected by Mercury rx in Taurus. Normal patterns are interrupted or these things break or get damaged, so take extra care of your physical body, items and environment.

Taurus is concerned with survival, self-sufficiency and self-worth. It's rooted, stable and grounded. There's a sense of withdrawal and limitation with Taurus so taking small, considered steps is key.

Mercury in Taurus can procrastinate, be lazy and downright stubborn. But what it wants is substance. Fortunately, this isn't one of those wild and frantic Mercury rx periods, so we'll be more able to take time to consider before making important decisions.

As with all retrogrades, our efforts are best spent in activities of "re-doing" such as reviewing, revising, re-evaluating.

Withdrawing into ourselves to re-asses what we truly value and how we can more fully align with those values is the key lesson for this Taurus Mercury retrograde.

Venus, the ruling Earth Goddess

Venus rules this Taurus Mercury retrograde so we may find ourselves reviewing our self-worth, money, possessions and sensuality.

She'll join both Mercury rx and the Sun in Taurus on Friday, April 29 and for most of May we'll have an Earth Grand trine bringing us back to our practical and organic Earthly nature.

Venus in her rulership of Taurus wants peace and luxury in the comfort of her own home. Her taste is refined, cultivated and of exceptional quality. She's stable, tactile and sensual.

Retrogrades are a call to the past and soften the barriers between our conscious and subconscious minds, calling in our creative muse. Perhaps during this Mercury retrograde, you'll re-visit a talent for painting, writing, pottery, singing or another creative pursuit and take the time needed to develop it with quality and devotion.

Mercury retrograde cycle - Alchemy of Reflection and Experimentation

As Mercury stations direct on Thursday, April 28 marking the start of the retrograde cycle, the lesson is one of withdrawal and reflection.

This is a time to "bring home the knowledge of experience" and reflect on where we currently stand in terms of our survival needs, values and self-worth.

May 9 is Mercury's inferior conjunction with the Sun and the "climax" of the retrograde period. Think of this as Mercury's reaching a symbolic "full moon phase" of this cycle.

The intention then shifts to experimentation, risk and adventure. At this point, we'll be emerging from contemplation and acting on our intuitive insights and instinctive desires.

The alchemy will have created a deeper sense of personal truth and self-worth within us that needs expression in the world.

Meanwhile, in other retrogrades...

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all currently retrograde and with Mercury, that makes 5 planets retrograde at one time, intensifying our internal stirrings. It's quite an about-face from the All Planets Direct we experienced at the start of 2016.

The call to the past is strong. Connections to our ancestral lineage and the ancient wisdom passed down through generations is seeping through the collective consciousness.

There perhaps is no better symbol of this effect than the image of Harriet Tubman as the new face on the US currency (Taurus = money). Her eyes speak to the courage and foresight of past generations and that which is truly valuable and timeless.

This Mercury retrograde, take the slow, scenic route and appreciate the view. Slow down and be deliberate with your decisions and choice of words. The time will come to re-emerge from the alchemy with a renewed voice and sense of value.

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