I broke a glass from a cold pressed juice in downtown Los Angeles
Was walking too fast I guess
It tumbled out of my bag
I had plans to recycle it later

The sharp glass went in every direction on the pavement
Turning into litter and a small hazard space

People of means walked by-but did not stop to help
There was an army of citizens across the street preparing to run a race for cleaner air
None made it over

A homeless man
I should say a gentleman

Was concerned that I was okay
He said wait- I have a cardboard box
I can help you pick up the glass
Watch your fingers
Don't hurt yourself
Please be careful

Let me help you

He picked up every sharp piece
Put them into his cardboard box
Insisted that I protect my skin
His bright blue eyes were concerned
This man was human to me

He broke the barrier of the homeless person and the rest of us

I was washed with shame
I shook his hand and asked for his name

Hoarsely whispered thank you

He said-
They call me David Christian Soldier
Asked me if I knew Jesus

I nodded yes
I was certain that he was standing right in front of me