Meredith Eriksson, "Susan," Posts Ad Seeking Person In Owl Costume To Watch Her Sleeping

WHOOOOOOOOO's up for a new career?

An ad appearing on on Thursday offered between $35-$40 an hour for someone to don an owl costume and "watch over" a sleeping woman, the Sun reported, but eager jobseekers may be disappointed to learn the whole thing was a hoax.

The ad's author, who identified herself only as "Susan," wrote that she has trouble sleeping, and thinks she would be more relaxed if she had a costumed guardian keeping her company.

"I have always found great comfort in the idea that owls are the natural lookouts of our world and so it would really help," reads a re-print of the ad on Regretsy.

If someone were willing to take a pay cut, "Susan" would permit the employee to forgo the costume but "stick a feather or two to your forehead."

The ad even promises that "one muesli bar" will be provided each shift in case the attendant is feeling peckish. However, "Susan" noted she would "prefer it if you didn't face me when you ate the bar as I would find that very off-putting even if i'm already asleep [sic]."

The ad explicitly states "this is not a joke," but after receiving dozens of replies, the poster has come forward to confess that yes, it was a joke, reports. "Susan" -- also known as 20-year-old University of Sydney student Meredith Eriksson -- says she was surprised by just how many replies she received.

"I didn't think anyone would take it seriously," she told the website.

Eriksson has started a blog cataloging the best responses.

"Please Susan," reads one email, "you are my only road to happiness. My owl costume is clean and I am ready to watch over you."

Eriksson received multiple photos of owl costumes, and even a marriage proposal from a man identified only as "Henry."

The blog notes that, though Gumtree has removed the ad, "Susan" is still accepting applications.



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