Life Continues To Suck For Meredith Grey In New 'Grey's Anatomy' Promo

Girl cannot catch a break.

At this point, the "Grey's Anatomy" writers' room must feature some sort of revolving dartboard of misery: 12 points for a bomb threat, 20 for rogue shooter in the hospital and 40 for a plane crash. The bullseye? Meredith being attacked by a crazed patient. 

The medical soap returns from its winter break on Feb. 11, and it looks like Mere is about to get all dark and twisty yet again. In the promo for the season's ninth episode, an unidentified patient brutally attacks Dr. Grey, slamming her into a glass cabinet and throwing her to the floor. 

Her fellow doctors, who've somehow survived 12 seasons of of "Grey's Anatomy" death traps, crowd around Meredith as she fights for her life. 

The episode is directed by recent Golden Globes honoree Denzel Washington.

Shonda, she JUST lost McDreamy. Give the girl a break.

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