Meredith Vieira Defends Ann Curry: 'She's Phenomenal' (VIDEO)

Meredith Vieira defended Ann Curry against negative criticism in the wake of the morning show wars on Monday night.

Vieira weighed in on recent developments at "Today" in an interview with Piers Morgan. The CNN host asked her if she felt "sorry" for Curry.

Vieira had only positive things to say, calling her former colleague "a class act," an "unbelievable journalist" and "one of the loveliest people you'll ever meet."

"Well, I hope that Ann has enough perspective, and I'm sure that she does, to ignore it," she said. "And if the numbers are going up and down, it – it's not Ann. These things happen. And, you know, I believe in her very strongly. And I'm sure the team does, as well. She's phenomenal."

She also joked about Matt Lauer's new multi-year deal to stay at "Today." The amount was undisclosed, but it is widely believed that he will be making $25 million a year.

Morgan wanted to know where Vieira was when she heard about his extremely lucrative new contract. "I was heading towards the bathroom, and I proceeded to vomit, after I heard those numbers,” she joked.

Then on a serious note, she continued, “All kidding aside, I joke all the time that I propped him up for five years, but Matt's really, really a talented broadcaster. He’s a lot of the reason why the 'Today' show does as well as it does.”

"He won't share a penny of it, however, I want you to know," she added, laughing.



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