Meredith Vieira Stops Conan O'Brien Right In His Tracks

Conan O'Brien might want to stay away from Meredith Vieira's dog.

Vieira was on O'Brien's show on Tuesday to discuss her upcoming daytime show, and she said that she nixed a plan to feature her dog Jasper on air. The reason, she explained, was pretty simple.

"He's very protective of me and he would — if you came in and I hugged you, he would probably bite your... testicles," she said.

O'Brien stared back at Vieira for a moment without saying a word. "Let me get this straight," he said. "If I come on your show, I get to eat cake that's been on the bathroom floor and a dog chomps my testicles?"

The subject later came up again when O'Brien brought up Vieira's new NBC special about regenerative medicine. "If [Jasper] did, you could grow a new pair," she suggested.

Meanwhile, Vieira's husband Richard Cohen has made no secret of his feelings about Jasper. He's the author of the book "I Want To Kill the Dog."

Vieira's daytime show is set to debut September 8. Watch the entire segment in the clip above.