'Mermaid Kitty' Who's Partially Paralyzed Will Crawl Her Way Into Your Heart

Dasha's unstoppable!

Not even a rough past could dampen this kitty's spirit.

Dasha, a 4-month-old kitten, arrived at the Baltimore Animal Rescue Care Services in Maryland last week in awful shape. The feline had been accidentally slammed in a door when she was younger, which the shelter believes, left her partially paralyzed from the waist down.

Dasha the Mermaid Kitty Needs your Help

FRANKY FUND ANIMAL, DONATIONS NEEDED. This is Dasha. We can’t even imagine the life this sweet, four-month-old girl had before finding a safe haven here at BARCS. When Dasha was just four weeks old, she was accidentally slammed in a door. It took Dasha’s initial owners more than two months before taking action and bringing Dasha to the vet, or elsewhere for help.Now, Dasha appears to be partially paralyzed from the waist down. She does have some feeling in her back legs but cannot use them to get around.When Dasha arrived at our shelter she was soaked in her own urine, from not being able to use her hind legs. She does, however, have anal tone and can go to the bathroom all by herself. Though she's still mastering the art of the litter box, Dasha is currently using a diaper to keep her neat and clean.Be assured, Dasha is happy. She is not suffering. This wonderful baby is loving, affectionate and completely trusting of humans, even after all she’s been through. You can see in the video how she promptly “mermaids” across the floor to get a loving hand to scratch the side of her face.Dasha is being set up with an appointment with our generous Franky Fund neurologist to see the extent of the damage, but we're not optimistic that she will regain the use of her legs. Luckily for Dasha, the absence of pain, means she can still live a good life—under the watchful eye of veterinarians—and remain the magical mermaid kitty she already is.We are hoping to use donations to have a custom-fitted wheel chair made for her, and cover the costs of her veterinary appointments.We are entering this medical journey with Dasha with no way of knowing how much it is ultimately going to cost to give her the best life possible. But, because she’s fought this long, we are prepared to care for her however she needs, and then ultimately—when she is ready—find her the best adopter.We are able to help pets like Dasha because of community support and donations. Our shelter just had the top trending viral video in the world. And while it was amazing press for our organization, we did not receive any increase in donations. Now we need your help.We honor the lives of pets like Dasha by using funds from our Franky Fund to save them—send them to the best specialists in our area. Just because we are a shelter, does not mean that animals get anything less than superior care.Any donations made exceeding the cost of Dasha’s medical bills will help other pets who need emergency care—there will be dozens more special, medical cases this month alone.Donate for Dasha’s care at https://bit.ly/BARCSdonate

Posted by BARCS Animal Shelter on Thursday, March 3, 2016

However, the sweet cat, who is not in pain, maintains an incredibly resilient spirit and pulls herself to wherever she needs to go in a unique way. It's earned her the nickname "Mermaid Kitty." The shelter staff captured her movements on camera and it's clear that Dasha is nothing short of incredible.

Watch as the kitten crawls, with her hind legs together to one side, eagerly toward anyone who will pet her.

Dasha, the mermaid kitty who still has a sweet personality.
Dasha, the mermaid kitty who still has a sweet personality.
BARCS Animal Shelter

"She's so graceful when she does it ... so we thought it'd be nice to refer to it as 'mermaid-ing,'" Bailey Deacon, BARCS director of communications, told The Huffington Post.

While Dasha is now getting the love and care she deserves, the kitten has been through a lot. Deacon said the kitten was injured when she was 1 month old, but her former owners didn't take her to the veterinarian for another two months and then refused treatment for her. The vet, concerned for the animal's well-being, contacted animal control who then transferred the kitten to BARCS.

But even with such a rough past, Dasha still loves being around humans.

"Sometimes when you meet animals that are severely injured, they're of course standoffish," Deacon said. "She just loves everybody. She just has a kind, sweet demeanor about her. ... She will 'mermaid' herself anywhere for someone holding their hand out to pet her."

The kitten is currently staying with BARCS foster manager Nejla Solano. The organization is raising money which will go toward the cat's medical expenses, including her appointment with a neurological veterinary specialist. Once Dasha sees a specialist, the shelter will have a better idea of what medical accommodations the kitten will need and whether she will be up for adoption soon.

If you're interested in helping Dasha, visit the BARCS fundraising page here.

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