Merriam-Webster Schools The White House Over Terror List Typos

Shade thrown.

The editors at Merriam-Webster have issued a reminder that the dictionary has tools to help people improve their spelling habits, after the White House issued a statement littered with typos.

Folks on Twitter noticed that the list the White House released of terrorist attacks that President Donald Trump claims were “underreported” by Western media outlets was filled with typographical errors. Most noticeably, the word “attacker” was repeatedly misspelled as “attaker.”

So one Twitter user asked Merriam-Webster to get involved.

Shade thrown.

The dictionary’s Twitter account has become a delightfully informative one to follow in the past several months.

The social media team live-tweeted the presidential debates during the election, and attempted to make sense of Trump’s meandering responses.

The team has also used its Twitter account to show its support for the LGBTQ community and commitment to the evolution of language.

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