Merriam-Webster Steps In After Trump Tells America To 'Heel'

"Heal" can be a difficult word when you've been defending white supremacists all week.

“Heal” is clearly a very difficult word to spell if you’re president of the United States in 2017, but Merriam-Webster is here to help.

Following a so-called “free speech” rally in Boston on Saturday, Donald Trump tried to call for unity on Twitter but instead told America twice that it needs to “heel.”

Trump ― a man with the greatest vocabulary, everyone loves his vocabulary ― eventually made his point after deleting his first two attempts. After all of Twitter witnessed the president’s struggle with the four-letter word, the dictionary’s social media account sent him a gentle reminder.

Trump is a champion of spelling things incorrectly ― from “covfefe” to “counsel” and even “lose” ― but many thought of Trump’s original “heel” tweets as a Freudian slip. “Heel,” for example, is a command some dog trainers use to get a dog to obey and stop pulling ahead of their owner.

And as one user pointed out, heel is also a term used in pro-wrestling circles to describe a bad guy or antagonist, such as WWE’s famed villain “The Undertaker.”

Others just couldn’t believe that the president of the United States has, yet again, misspelled a word publicly. 

We can’t be too hard on the president. After all, it must be really hard to ask the country to “heal” when you’ve been defending white supremacists all week.



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