The Onion May Have Gotten Too Real For A Supreme Court Nominee

Yes, that's the actual phone number for Judge Merrick Garland's office.
The Onion was pondering what Merrick Garland might be thinking these days.
The Onion was pondering what Merrick Garland might be thinking these days.

Judge Merrick Garland's office number may be ringing off the hook, but it isn't Republican senators calling to offer him a hearing.

On Tuesday, a satirical article in The Onion, written from the perspective of the Supreme Court nominee, listed the real phone number for his judicial chambers at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

The article titled “Quick Question: What Am I Supposed To Be Doing Right Now?” presents the faux Garland politely wondering if there's anything else he should do while waiting for the Senate to consider (or not) his nomination to the nation's highest court. 

“Is there any work I should be getting started on?" he asks. "In order to get a jump on things, I mean?”

“I’d be happy to look over some briefs or sit in on the justices’ oral arguments if that makes sense," he offers. "Whatever I can do to help.”

“Anyhow, I’m here if you need me. Everyone has my current contact information, right?" the article concludes, before providing Garland's office number. "Don’t hesitate to be in touch. It’s no bother at all, honestly.”

One Huffington Post reporter called that number, assuming it was a prank. He hung up when he realized it wasn't fake.

While the number for Garland's office is also listed on the D.C. Circuit's website, the Onion article surely drew more attention to it. 

The people who answered the phone in Garland’s chambers and at a general number for the federal appeals court declined to comment when asked about the article and referred inquiries to the White House. An official at the White House knew about the satirical piece but also had no comment.

HuffPost reached out to The Onion to ask whether it typically highlights real phone numbers, but hasn't heard back.



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