'Merry Christmas, Humans': Robots Take Over The Holidays (VIDEO)

WATCH: A Different Kind Of 'War On Christmas'

At this point, it's all but inevitably that the Robot Uprising will soon extend to all things we hold sacred, including (but not limited to) the holiday season. In this new music video written and produced by "Conan" writer Rob Kutner, the robots get their own anthem explaining exactly why it's necessary to take Christmas back from the humans.

Kutner, who in addition to writing for late night also runs the popular Twitter account @ApocalypseHow (and authored a how-to guide of the same title), brings to life a dystopian 2084 in this music video, where the sentient machines target Santa Claus to carry out their nefarious agenda, like a mechanized "28 Days Later."

The video's music was written and performed by Joel Levinson, and is well worth a listen. Check it out! And don't say you weren't warned.

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