Watch Meryl Streep Sing Hilariously Horribly In Deleted Scene

The new clip is an alternate musical performance from a song featured in "Florence Foster Jenkins."

”Florence Foster Jenkins” centers around a character who is a critically panned and objectively terrible singer, but the movie certainly didn’t share a critical fate with its protagonist when it debuted earlier this year. Perhaps that should have been no surprise as the beloved Meryl Streep plays the performer.

It’s certainly a novelty to see Streep do anything poorly on screen, and so there’s a strange pleasure in watching her belt out cringeworthy vocal notes.

Now, with “Florence Foster Jenkins” debuting on Digital HD Tuesday, The Huffington Post is exclusively sharing even more footage of Streep singing incredibly terribly.

The clip is an extended version of a moment in the movie when Florence Foster Jenkins performs at Carnegie Hall. In the video below, Streep acts out a different musical performance of the same song that appears in the movie. 


Watch Streep make pitchy noises onstage for a minute like a pro:

”Florence Foster Jenkins” is now on Digital HD.



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