Meryl Streep Weighs In On The 'Are Hot Dogs Sandwiches?' Debate

Spoiler alert: We don't agree.

For anyone who is of the opinion that Meryl Streep can do no wrong, we have some news for you that is worse than nitrates.

During a Reddit AMA to promote their new film “Florence Foster Jenkins,” Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep blessed the interwebs with gems like their favorite place to shoot movies and how much fun they had on set.

That all took a turn though, when Streep revealed a startling truth about her take on the now famed “are hot dogs sandwiches?” debate.

While Grant pretty much ignored the question completely and opted instead to share a story we really didn’t need to read over our morning coffee, Streep took the opportunity to say what might be the first thing we’ve ever disagreed with her on. Ever.

A canapé? A CANAPÉ? Ms. Streep, if we may, allow us to refer you to Webster’s Dictionary, which defines a canapé as follows:

Canapé: a small piece of bread or a cracker that has cheese, meat, fish, etc., on top of it and that is often served at a party.

Have you ever seen anyone eating a full blown hot dog atop a cracker? We have not. Maybe a pig in a blanket, but not a regular sized hot dog.

Although, we must admit, if we saw Meryl Streep eating a hot dog on a cracker, we’d probably follow suit.

Sigh. At least she knows how to eat pizza the right way.

Meryl Streep