Meryl Streep's Margaret Thatcher Is A 'Granny Gone Mad' (VIDEO)

England's Tories Hate Meryl Streep's Thatcher

England's Daily Mail has a stern article up detailing inaccuracies in Meryl Streep's upcoming Margaret Thatcher biopic, which was screened last week for an audience of Thatcher's closest friends.

The article claims the movie, called "The Iron Lady," uses dream and hallucination scenes to paint Thatcher as a woman haunted by regret over her own ambition. One dream sequence apparently has Thatcher's husband Denis showing up as a ghost to tell her she's "insufferable." Also, he's wearing a pink turban. Also, doesn't this movie sound kind of great?

To further illustrate the offensiveness of what one viewer called the "granny gone mad" narrative, the Mail printed a chart that looks like a crazy person wrote it, comparing "The Film" to "Real Life." On the turban dream scene: "Sir Denis once donned a pink turban in India. But he always deferred to his wife."

The movie comes out in December and is said to be Oscar bait for Streep.

WATCH the preview below:

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