A Role Model for Graceful Aging

The dust has settled post-Academy Awards, everyone has sniped mercilessly at the hapless host, while Life of Pi fans are quite thrilled that one of the most imaginative and profound films ever made garnered more Oscars than any other this year. Brilliant. However, there are some things that could be improved upon, one in particular.

In a name, in two words: Meryl Streep. Specifically, her awards ceremony wardrobe.

Of course, Meryl Streep cannot be improved upon in her acting abilities. She is and has since the very beginning, through Sophie's Choice up until today, remained unquestionably at the top of that game. Her number of Oscar nominations verifies the fact. That she still makes movies in a Hollywood not known for numerous opportunities for the post-deb female is something to be celebrated -- not to mention it's just, well, just. She's a miracle on screen in every role.

But Oscars night is not only about recognizing talent, roles well acted and movies well made from various points-of-view. It's about glam as only Hollywood can portray it.

Let's not delve into svelte on-screen beauties encouraging generations of younger girls to stop eating or start regurgitating. That's another subject for another time. Instead, let's talk about female beauty at any and every age from Quvenzhane Wallis to Jennifer Lawrence to Sally Fields and Meryl Streep. That's where the latter star seems to gloss over an opportunity, maybe even a responsibility.

I laud the fact that in her sixties, Meryl Streep is not stretched and tucked with strangely protruding lips and a fixed, unmovable expression. You go girl! A role model for graceful aging is exactly what we need. Applause for Ms. Streep!

But at the same time, let's not lose sight of making the most with what we've got -- at every age. Meryl, at our age, covering up is always better than exposing, black is always a friend. Both sheer, veiling styles or severe, fitted ones can work on-screen, but no one need tell you what the camera loves. Your look in The Devil Wears Prada flies to mind.

So Ms. Streep, let your outer as well as your inner glam show up for the Oscars. Let someone dress you gorgeously and appropriately, coif and bejewel you so you shine as you deserve to shine -- for all to see and appreciate: beauty at every age -- not to mention encouraging us mere mortals out here too.