Mesa Arizona Shooting Victim Took A Bullet, Then A Selfie

Isaac Martinez didn't let being the victim of a shooting spree keep him from Snapchatting.

Martinez said Mesa, Arizona, shooting spree suspect Ryan Giroux demanded he hand over the keys to his car during the ordeal on Wednesday that left one person dead and five injured, the Arizona Republic reports. When Martinez refused, Giroux allegedly shot him.

Rather than immediately seek medical attention, Martinez took a selfie, and then he went to the hospital.

Martinez said the gunshot to his shoulder did not cause any major injuries and he is "home and well."

Police are still searching for a motive in the rampage.

Giroux spent a total of eight years in prison over three different stints behind bars. He also once had a tattoo across his forehead that read "skin head."

Giroux is locked up on $2 million bail.

The Associated Press has more on the spree:

The string of crimes Wednesday included the shooting, a carjacking and a home invasion and ended with Giroux's arrest at a vacant apartment. The motive for the motel shooting was unclear, but the other three shootings appeared motivated by robbery and the suspect's attempt to flee, police said.

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