Messages from the Other Side...The gift of music. Use it.

When I give readings in private and on radio, certain themes can recur that captures my attention and affects me in a profound way.

This era that’s thrust upon us makes us feel like we’re more connected, digitally at least, yet there’s a disconnectedness about it all. I don’t know if it’s these times we’re in, but in recent months the guides have had messages for people I’ve read who have the gift of music. Not everyone can hear a melody in their head that isn’t a song that’s out there already.

I hear music all the time in my head, but it’s always a song that someone has written. I never knew other people walked around hearing random original melodies in their heads that aren’t from actual songs already out there on the radio or somewhere.

The phrase “Use it, or lose it” comes to mind. One person heard music all the time when he composed years ago. His spirit guide’s message was ― the more he opened the gift up, the more he’ll hear his own original music, like a muscle.

It’s channeling your own Higher Information, being more connected to your Higher Self, and the spiritual path you chose.

This came up in conversation with a famous musician. I shared the fact that I have a gift , but that he was lucky to have the gift of music because not everyone has the gift of being able to create melodies. He said it’s not always easy.

I said, “I bet some of your best songs, you wrote in under 20 minutes.” He agreed. “That’s because you’re channeling your Higher Self, you’re connected to your Higher Self,” I said.

If you’re someone who has the gift of music, as a soul, you chose to accept and bring that gift into this life for a reason.

Perhaps it’s simply for your own pleasure, to have some creativity and light in your life, something to enhance your aura, and open up your energy to more. Since we just have this one lifetime to make it the best we’ve had, utilize the gifts you brought with you. There are no do-overs here.

In one reading, a person hadn’t composed music in years. The message was to put tunes he hears in his head on a recorder, for no other reason than the fact that energetically, it could somehow help in other areas of his life. Perhaps that simple activity would help him relax and be clearer for challenges he’s facing.

To have a precious gift that not everyone around you has, to not use it in this life, isn’t just a waste of talent, it goes beyond that.

When we cross over, there is that life review you hear about, you get to go over the life just lived. Perhaps you brought the gift of music to this lifetime to write a few songs for you and your friends, because it would lighten up your lives. Or maybe it’s here for you to tap into when you’re blue.

Hearing a positive song can lift our spirits, and it can stay uplifted for days sometimes. A friend turned me on to the Trashcan Sinatras song “Best Days on Earth,” which I had on repeat for an entire weekend. It was the song that made me undust the guitar to sing along. A musically gifted friend figured out the chords by ear, and just hearing a few bars simply played on piano, gave me endorphins. It made me happy for days hearing in my mind, the way it sounded on piano.

You can feel it in your aura when you sing, you feel the resonance energetically. Everything is energy. We are energy wrapped in this human body.

It’s said that every musical note correlates to different vibrations of energy that resonate within us, and I often relay messages that suggest playing music for a loved one in the hospital, for its healing properties.

There can be something so healing when you sing along to guitar or piano. Maybe it’s the organic nature of it. And in this virtual era, who can’t use more of something that reconnects us back to ourselves? Our HIgher Selves.

What better gift than to be able to offer something in the world that can help others in their healing journey, or connect to their true selves.

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