Warrior Toddler Wields Metal Pipe To Defend Grandma From Authorities

It's not the size of the boy in the fight...

Need to talk to this toddler's grandmother? 

Then you'll have to get past him, and his large metal bar, first.

Video posted online (above) that has gone viral shows the warrior infant defending his elderly relative from urban management officers in China.

"Don't touch my grandma! Go away, don't touch my grandma!” he screams out, while wielding the makeshift weapon.

The youngster, believed to be just 3 years old, then throws the pipe to the ground and stares menacingly at officials, before being escorted away.

The clip, punctuated with the laughter of bystanders, ends. It's unclear exactly when and where in China the footage was filmed. 

EJI Insight reports that the unidentified toddler's extreme reaction was provoked by city employees, who were trying to remove his grandma's street stall

It's not been reported what happened to his grandmother's business, or the little boy himself.

The Chinese outlet People's Daily posted the video to YouTube and Facebook on Thursday.