Metal Worker Shuts Down 9/11 Truthers... With His Pinkie!

"If you hold this up as a reason for conspiracy, you are an idiot."

"Jet fuel can't melt steel" is the unofficial rallying cry of 9/11 truthers. It's also completely irrelevant, because steel doesn't have to melt to lose its strength.

"If you hold this up as a reason for conspiracy, you are an idiot," Trenton Tye, a Georgia blacksmith who runs Purgatory Ironworks and has been featured on the History Channel, said in a new video that debunks one of the truthers' core arguments. 

Tye said that while steel melts at about 2,700 degrees -- well above the 1,500-degree heat of a jet fuel fire -- it weakens at a much lower temperature.  

He then did a simple video demonstration to make his point. 

Using just his pinkie, he showed what you can do to hot steel at 1,800 degrees, long before it reaches its melting point:  

Or as he puts it...

While the steel hasn't melted, it's clearly so weak it's easy to see how it could cause a building to collapse. 

"Your argument is invalid, get over it," he says as he bends the "noodle" of steel. "Find a job."

Time for a metallurgical mic drop: 

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