Weather Channel Meteorologist Gets Pummeled During Blizzard Coverage

While most people living in the Northeast spent Tuesday hiding under their covers to avoid "Winter Storm Juno," Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Seidel was out braving the worst of it in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Appearing on Wake Up With Al, one could barely make out Seidel's silhouette through the unrelenting haze of snow. Host Al Roker tried to joke with the meteorologist about what he was going to have for breakfast (the answer was beef jerky...), but before the interview could get much further, Seidel was knocked down by a 60+ mph gust of wind.

"I need to eat something that can put some weight on the body!" Seidel joked, assuring Roker that he was fine. "The gust caught me off guard. It just threw me back into the snow drift."

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