Meteorologist Forgets Coat Hanger In Suit, Awkwardly Pulls It Out Mid-Broadcast

Hang on, Steve, your coworkers will help you in a minute. They just have to stop laughing first.

Fox9 Minneapolis meteorologist Steve Frazier had a bit of a fashion emergency earlier this week when he forgot to remove the coat hanger from his suit jacket, then wore it on-air. Frazier, understandably uncomfortable, opted to deal with the hang-up during the broadcast, stopping mid-sentence to awkwardly remove the unsuitable object:

"I'm sorry," he says in the clip, stopping a report about chill as he gropes his hand around behind his neck and the hosts look on, bewildered.

"The chill has a kink in your neck?" one of the anchors asks, as the other stares with an open mouth.

"I've got... never mind, forget it!" Frazier laughs as he pulls the offending hanger out of his coat, tosses it onto the anchor desk, then throws his hands up in defeat.

The anchors cradle their heads in their hands, laughing, while Frazier haltingly explains, "I... I thought it was just the tight button, but never mind, let's... can we just go to the weather? I couldn't... I... never mind."

Later in the broadcast, while laughter sounds off-camera, Frazier pauses the weather report to again defend himself.

"Let me tell you the story," he says. "I went to the gym today and this suit was fitting tight. I couldn't figure out why, and ... I must've put it on a little too quick."

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