Someone Really Methed Up This Burrito

Officials say a woman tried to disguise a pound of meth as Mexican food.

Burritos can be filled with all sorts of things: beef, chicken, rice, avocado or veggies.

One thing that shouldn't be put in them: methamphetamine.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials in Nogales, Arizona, arrested a woman on Friday for allegedly trying to smuggle a pound of meth into the U.S. inside a burrito.

Susy Laborin, 23, was trying to re-enter the U.S. via a pedestrian gate carrying what looked like a bag of burritos.

After a drug dog sniffed out the presence of drugs in the bag, officials took a peak.

One of the burritos had no guacamole, carne asada or pico de gallo, but it did have about a pound of meth, estimated to be worth around $3,000, CPB spokesman Rob Daniels told the Tucson Sentinel.

Customs and Border Protection

Investigators said Laborin, a resident of Nogales, admitted she knew the burrito was stuffed with meth, according to a complaint obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Laborin allegedly told officers she was supposed to be paid $500 to deliver them to an unknown third party in Tucson.

Laborin was charged with narcotics possession. A Federal judge ordered her to be detained until her trial.

For some reason, May has been chock-full of weird drug smuggling stories.

On May 12, CBP officers in Pharr, Texas, announced they had confiscated 1,432 pounds of marijuana inside more than 2,000 coconuts.

And on May 4, CBP officials reeled in two accused drug dealers in Brooklyn who were allegedly trying to retrieve 20 kilos of cocaine from Guyana that were discovered stashed inside a shipment of frozen fish, according to the New York Daily News.

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