Alisha Halfmoon, Tulsa Woman, Accused Of Trying To Cook Meth -- In Walmart

Woman Accused Of Trying To Cook Meth -- In Walmart

When a store sells "Chemistry For Dummies" for just $6.46, is it any surprise if it gets some dummy chemists?

Police in Oklahoma arrested a woman on charges of attempting to manufacture methamphetamine inside a Tulsa Walmart on Thursday.

Shopper Alisha Halfmoon, 45, allegedly grabbed ingredients from the shelves and mixed chemicals inside the store, KJRH reports.

"While speaking with some of the firefighters on the scene she made statements that that's what she was doing; that she was attempting to obtain these chemicals and was in the process of trying to manufacture methamphetamine," police officer David Shelby told the station. "However, she said that she was not very good at it."

After Halfmoon had spent more than six hours inside Walmart, loss prevention officers alerted police about the suspect's suspicious behavior in the back of the store, according to News 9.

When an officer confronted Halfmoon at around 6 p.m., the suspect had allegedly just finished mixing a bottle of sulfuric acid with starter fluid, Shelby told Fox 23.

Walmart is known for its low, low prices, but Shelby said she couldn't afford to buy the drug ingredients.

At the time of her arrest, Halfmoon had managed to round up meth ingredients including lithium and chemical drain cleaner, Tulsa World reports.

Security cameras recorded the suspect allegedly mixing chemicals, according to KRMG.

While removing the volatile brew, one officer was treated for chemicals burns after he felt a burning sensation through his leather glove, according to Tulsa World.

This isn't Halfmoon's first arrest on drug charges.

The Tulsa County Jail website indicates that the suspect was charged with possession of methamphetamine and obtaining a drug using a forged or altered prescription on Nov 17. She was issued a deferred sentence and released on bond.


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