Method Ad 'Shiny Suds' Pulled Over Sexism Complaints (VIDEO)

The environmentally-friendly cleaner brand Method has pulled a controversial viral video that compared toxic household soaps to sexual aggressors.

The spot, made in support of the Household Product Labeling Act, shows once-friendly bathtub cleansing suds heckling a woman as she showers. The bubbles become increasingly insistent, finally chanting "loofah!" while the woman nervously covers herself.

Many viewers were put off by the video, finding the image of a woman sexually harassed by her household products disturbing and the use of such behavior as a cleaning joke insenstive to assault victims. After receiving numerous complaints, Method took the video offline.

"Due to the sensitive nature of [concerned viewers'] concerns we chose to take down the video," a spokeswoman for the company said.

Treehugger called the ad "hilarious."

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