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3 Tips For Creating A Viral Video

No one has ever accused the Method guys of taking themselves too seriously. Sure, the San Francisco-based company has become a household name (literally) and major player in the consumer products industry, but co-founders and "proud brainparents" Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry have kept the same fun, irreverant spirit that made them a scrappy startup. The latest example is a viral video campaign called "Clean Happy," which depicts a clean and colorful world made possible by Method's eco-friendly soaps and other household products. The company's award-winning design and focus on aesthetics, not surprisingly, play a central role in the look and feel of the videos, which have generated nearly 2 million views to date.

The campaign began in March and the self-proclaimed "People Against Dirty" plan to release new videos each month. The strategy is simple -- create some fun content that gives people a laugh, include some discounts and promotions and give consumers incentive to pass along through social media, all for a lot less than a traditional marketing campaign. And while it's a strategy that more companies of all shapes and sizes are employing, it's the smaller ones that still seem to nail it (with no better example recently than Dollar Shave Club).

We asked Ryan, a member of the HuffPost Small Business Board of Directors, for a few tips on how companies can create an effective online marketing campaign.

1. Keep your brand message consistent.

"We describe our 'Clean Happy' videos as Willy Wonka meets Flight of the Concords, which we think captures the uniquely quirky culture of our brand in a way that invites participation in the 'People Against Dirty' movement."

2. Suprise people.

"What gives the Method brand energy is the unexpected dichotomy between the fact that our products are both a sensory delight and good for people and the planet. It's kind of like discovering that Skittles are good for you."

3. Keep them talking.

"To succeed in social media, your campaigns have to generate a dialogue. And you can only keep the conversation going with a continuous stream of good content. That was our goal with our 'Clean Happy' campaign."

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