Method Man Recording 'Last Album Produced By The RZA'

Rapper-turned-Law-And-Order-villain Method Man is reportedly singing his professional swan song with fellow Wu-Tang Clan member RZA, and a final album. The news comes from a post on Wu-Tang's official Facebook page that reads: "Methodman in officially working on his last album produced by the RZA."

Maybe it's just us but that line seems suspicious. Is Method working on his last album ever, which happens to be RZA-produced? Or is he working on his last RZA-produced album, with albums produced by other people still to come?

Of course, it could be that Wu-Tang had better things to do with what actually are the last moments of Method's recording career than add crucial commas into their Facebook posts. In which case, we defer to the taste-makers at Prefix Mag, who predict the long-awaited Crystal Meth project. And so there you go. Method's last album could be Crystal Meth, and grammar could just be a thing we used back when we wrote on "paper."