Metric's 'Synthetica' Video Features A Pared-Down, Acoustic Version (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Canadian indie-rockers Metric are no strangers to having their music set to visuals. After all, their songs can be heard on "CSI: Miami," "Grey's Anatomy," "Entourage," "One Tree Hill," "90210," "Twilight," "CSI: NY," "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," "The Vampire Diaries" and a handful of video games.

So it's unsurprising that the band feels comfortable releasing a Sony-branded video (filmed entirely on Xperia Ion smartphones and directed by Chris Lenox Smith) for "Synthetica," the title track off their fifth studio album.

In an email interview with HuffPost Entertainment, the band's Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw said they have "no problem with licensing music to TV shows." "People like TV," they wrote. "Doctors fall in an out of love sometimes and there needs to be music in the background while it happens. It might as well be one of our songs."

It's that type of simplicity and honesty which has long endeared the group to their fans. The video -- which is premiering exclusively on HuffPost Entertainment -- is available above. Below, see Metric's thoughts on the emotions their music inspires, and how they feel about the critical reception to the album, which is out now in stores.

Why did you decide to go with a more pared-down approach for this particular video?
We really like paring the songs down. It's really interesting when you take a different approach to the songs feel, sound and tempo how much the meaning of the lyrics can change. A good song ideally can be played on just about anything and still be compelling.

And what role do you see music videos playing in a band's career nowadays?
I think mainly as viral promotion or just straight up art form. The main video outlets don't seem to play music videos that much anymore so It's mainly straight to YouTube for most artists which is kind of freeing. You can really make whatever you want and it's going to be up to the democracy of the Internet that determines whether people see it or not.

Are you happy with the reception Synthetica has received so far? Are there any particularly memorable moments you've had since its release? Any interesting reactions to the album?
I am happy with it. I’ve found over the years that everyone has different reactions to our records. I’ve heard that every record is someone's favorite as well as someone else's least. I'm happy with the record we made and the process we went through making it and that really has to define it for me. If I looked too much to the outside world for artistic validation I would go crazy. In 1986 there were maybe 20 publications that would review music. Now there are thousands. You just can't read them all (or any) if you plan on having a life.

What's the primary emotion or reaction you hope the album instills in listeners? And how about the title track?
I think we were trying to ask a lot of questions. The world seems to be moving so fast now that we think it's important that people question what's happening for a moment and think about the ramifications of this expedited development before just blindly accepting its reality. We do have a choice. I'm not saying that rejecting forward movement is the thing to do but I am saying lets all be aware if what's happening as its happening and not later. Which seems to be a pretty classic human trait.