Mets' Wilmer Flores Cries During Game Thinking He's Been Traded

It's gonna be OK, Wilmer!

Middle-of-the-game trades are nothing new in the MLB, as last-minute deals are made as the deadline closes.

However, rumors that Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores had been traded during New York's 7-3 loss to the San Diego Padres on Wednesday made for a much more emotional moment than most, as the 23-year-old Venezuelan has been with the team since he was just 16.

News in the ballpark spread via social media that the shortstop, along with Mets pitcher Zack Wheeler, were headed to the Milwaukee Brewers for Carlos Gomez. Ultimately, the deal did not go through. ESPN reported it was due to the Mets concerned with medical records regarding Gomez's hip.

Nevertheless, thinking that he'd be leaving New York, Flores teared up right on the field. It's pretty heartbreaking to watch. 

Oh, man, oh, man. Kept in the game, plenty of people were questioning why the Mets would do such a thing, as the player was clearly rattled. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE WILMER A HUG?

After the game, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson blamed social media for "getting ahead of the facts" and then having an "adverse effect" on Flores.

"It was an unfortunate situation," Alderson said, adding that he addressed it with "the player involved" (read: Flores) personally.

Taking more of a tough-love approach was Mets manager Terry Collins, who said he didn't take Flores out because he wasn't aware of the rumored trade himself. Not that it would've mattered much.

"I've been sobbing in the third inning before, nobody takes me out of the game," Collins told reporters after the game. "I don't give a s--t what happened, we gotta play!"

Sound familiar?


Flores explained the tears (not that he needed to say much more) after the game.

"I was sad," the player said, according to "Being a Met forever, all my teammates this year, that's why I got emotional."

But don't worry, y'all, it all ends well for Flores, who gets to stay in New York and got some comforting from dear, old Terry on Thursday.

We love you, Wilmer!

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