Metta World Peace Dunk: Lakers Star Has A Monstrous Slam Against The Jazz (VIDEO)

Get ready to hear this whenever somebody attempts a lay up during a pick-up basketball game in gymnasiums nationwide: Metta.. World.. PEACE!!!

TNT's Kevin Harlan delivered this call on a monstrous dunk by Ron Artes .. er .. Metta World Peace in the second quarter of the Lakers' victory over the Utah Jazz on Tuesday night. Any doubts about the new name sticking were extinguished by Harlan's catchy and hilarious call of this dunk.

In September, the NBA player formerly known as Ron Artest followed through on his promise to legally change his name to Metta World Peace. Following in the footsteps of former 76ers player World B Free, after changing his name, World Peace released a statement in which he explained, "Changing my name was meant to inspire and bring youth together all around the world."

As they say, actions speak louder than words, especially if those actions are supplemented by Harlan's booming words.

But fans might not want to get too attached to the new moniker, as World Peace indicated via Twitter last week that he might be contemplating a new name change:

Sure, he might have been joking, but with this guy, you never know.