Metta World Peace Rubs Nets Coach Avery Johnson's Head After Making Three-Pointer (VIDEO)

Metta World Peace is not impressed with the new Brooklyn Nets. The Los Angeles Lakers player made that clear on Tuesday night when he taunted the Nets' coach and called out several players for flopping.

After sinking a three-pointer that brought the Lakers within two late in the fourth quarter of their eventual 95-90 victory, the athlete formerly known as Ron Artest tauntingly rubbed the head of Nets head coach Avery Johnson while running down the sideline.

As Chris Paul told GQ in October, a patronizing pat on the head can be interpreted as disrespectful and unsportsmanlike.

"We call that sonnin'," he said, reacting to an incident from last season in which the significantly taller Pau Gasol rubbed his head during a close game. "Like when I take Li'l Chris to the bathroom, I'll walk with my hand on his head. That's my son. You know what I mean? I understand that Gasol is that tall, but don't do to me what I do to my son."

MWP wasn't done "sonnin'" the Nets, however. After the game, he took to Twitter to rant about Brooklyn's Reggie Evans and Gerald Wallace for flopping, the New York Daily News points out.