Mexican-American Slam Poet Schools Donald Trump On U.S. History

"What I wanna know is who the f**k taught you history, Donald?"

Donald Trump may want to bust open a U.S. history book because he's about to get schooled. 

Chicana slam poet Mercedez Holtry gave the GOP presidential candidate a lesson and a piece of her mind with her poem "We're Here to Stay," recently published by Button Poetry's YouTube channel. She performed the piece in Brooklyn, New York, during the Women of the World Poetry Slam 2016 in March. 

The poet, who is from Albuquerque, New Mexico, starts with verses aimed at the thinly veiled discrimination in Trump's campaign rhetoric, from his slogan to his portrayal of Mexicans: 

Your campaign slogan, 'Let's Make America Great Again,' with the unsaid words '…by kicking out all the brown people,' disguised and attached to the end of that statement, aka let’s keep America American. Let’s keep America white. Let’s keep America inclusive by outcasting people who were here before you. What I wanna know is who the fuck taught you history, Donald?

Holtry then goes on to mention everything from Operation Wetback to the Zoot Suit Riots and Arizona's SB 1070 before telling Trump there is nothing new about his "racist generalizations and assumptions" and warning him that his actions will have consequences in November. 

"You're are not the first to label us mongrels and bandits in our own home, the media has been portraying us this way for years," she says. "The history books spew forth your ignorance. We have been kept out of America long before your pathetic excuse for a campaign suggested building a wall. You just called out an empire much bigger than your own, just remember Mr. Trump -- the flood is coming now more than ever and we, us 'wetbacks' are in fact the river. And the river is ancient and the river runs deep and the river will take no prisoners on election day."

The poet recently shared the poem with her Facebook followers and gave a small insight into what she was feeling when she wrote the piece:

"I wrote this poem with anger in my heart and my people's pride stirring fire in my blood."

Check out the full poem in the video above. 



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