'Trumpéalo' Mobile Game Allows Users To Hurl Stuff At Trump

Now there's an app for that!

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump insulted a lot of Mexicans when he accused the country of sending the U.S. all if its rapists, criminals and drug dealers during his presidential announcement. So it’s really not all that surprising that in the wake of his outrageous remarks, anti-Trump-themed novelty items have been selling like hotcakes. First there were piñatas made in Trump’s likeness. Then Trump-themed butt plugs. Now Mexican mobile game developer Karaokulta has created Trumpéalo, a mobile game that allows users to beat and humiliate Trump with the touch of a finger.

Trumpéalo, a play on the Spanish word “golpear,” which means “to beat up,” allows users to dress a digital Trump in ridiculous costumes and throw everything from soccer balls to cacti at the presidential hopeful as he delivers a speech on stage. Users can also opt to shower Trump with money and flowers, but doing so will end the game. 

Karaokulta’s CEO, Jorge Suarez, tells Vanguardia the game is meant to be a “playful and fun way” for users to express how they feel about the billionaire. "Video games are art, they are a form of interactive expression,” Suarez explains. We want to make games with different situations, and though they might be delicate, we're Mexicans. If we laugh ourselves to death, why not? This is how the idea came about. It turns out people loved it."

Trumpéalo is expected to go live within the next two to three weeks and will be available on iOS and Android.

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