Say ¡Hola! To These Awesome 'Mexican Emojis'

They're just an artist's creation for now, but if they were official we'd use them all the time.

What’s better than a taco emoji? A full collection of emoji concepts that accurately represent Mexican culture.

Eduardo Salles, a Mexico City-based designer who runs the site CinismoIlustrado, has released a set of 60 emojis inspired by Mexican history, arts and cuisine. The artist digs deep into the Mexican tradition, covering everything from calaveras and tequila shots to Frida Kahlo and Emiliano Zapata.

And yes, in case you were wondering, there's also a taco emoji.

The emoji set, unfortunately, is just a concept design, which means they won't be available on your phone anytime soon. (The Unicode Consortium is responsible for writing and releasing the code for all your favorite emojis.)

Salles shared the collection July 30 on his Facebook page, "El Espíritu de los Cínicos." Check it out:

Eduardo Salles

Not sure what some of these emojis represent? This guide, published by Remezcla, a digital publication dedicated to Latino Millennials, will answer all your questions.

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