Mexican Torta Recipes: 10 Hearty Sandwiches

You've probably heard the word "torta" before. Maybe you're thinking, "Oh, I know, it's a cake." But that's not the kind of torta we mean. We're talking about the Mexican torta -- a hearty sandwich filled with the kinds of toppings you'd expect to find in a taco or burrito (refried beans, queso, avocado, jalapeño, etc.). But unlike tacos and burritos, tortas aren't made with tortillas. Instead they're made with crusty buns called bollilos. Filling-wise you can pack it with grilled steak or chicken, slow-cooked pork, chorizo or anything you like. We've got 10 amazing torta recipes in the slideshow below. You'll see they're more than just any average sandwich.

Mexican Tortas