Meet @MexicanMitt: Mitt Romney's Fake Twitter Alter-Ego

Mitt Romney: 'The Most Mexican Man In The World'

In case you haven't heard, Mitt Romney is the most Mexican man in the world. And we're not talking about his father being born in Mexico.

In a new parody Twitter account, Romney's fake alter ego, @MexicanMitt, tweets in Spanish and English about some awesomely outrageous things, namely about his Mexican-ness.

@MexicanMitt describes himself as "the most Mexican man in the world!" We're pretty sure this would make papa Romney -- George Romney --proud. Mitt Romney's dad was born in 1907 in an American colony in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. So, yes, Romney Jr. is eligible for dual citizenship: American and Mexican.

But Mitt Romney (the real one) doesn't ever sound half as enthusiastic about his Mexican heritage as does his alter ego @MexicanMitt. Perhaps it's that extreme patriotism or the fact that he promises to paint the "White House BROWN, cabrones!" that has earned him such a following. The Twitter account was launched this Wednesday morning and already has over 500 followers.

To celebrate his 400 follower milestone, @MexicanMitt tweeted "400 PINCHES FOLLOWERS! One for each person I fired today! AJUA!" We're sure that number is going to grow, with hundreds (probably thousands) of followers to come. The real question, of course, is whether the real Mitt Romney will be able to attract as many Latinos in the 2012 elections.

@MexicanMitt is not the first alter-ego Twitter account linked to a politician. @ElBloombito, Mayor Bloomberg's fake Twitter account with tweets in broken Spanish, has been around for many months now with over 28,000 followers. The account was inspired by the Mayor's attempt to speak Spanish during press conferences. And it looks like @MexicanMitt and @ElBloombito might already be cyber friends. @MexicanMitt tweeted, "Mi Compadre from another Madre!"

There is no word yet on the source behind this Twitter feed. Ni modo.



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