News Anchor Explodes At Anti-Vaxxers In Furious On-Air Diatribe

Mexican journalist Leonardo Schwebel pulled no punches with his message for anti-vaxxers and those who fail to wear their masks properly.

Mexican news anchor Leonardo Schwebel has had it with anti-vaxxers.

The presenter for Telediario Guadalajara exploded in anger while on-air this week, tearing into those who have refused the COVID-19 vaccine.

“If you’re anti-vax, you’re a moron,” Schwebel screamed at the camera, demanding that resisters at least wear a mask properly.

“Sometimes it is necessary to shout,” Schwebel said after clips of his furious, mask-waving diatribe went viral on social media.

Schwebel’s outburst came as confirmed coronavirus cases in Mexico reached record highs, thanks to the highly contagious omicron strain.

Watch Schwebel’s full commentary here:

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