Mexico Offers More Than $100,000 Reward For Information On Missing Students

As the search for 43 missing students continues, the Mexican government is offering a reward of 1.5 million pesos ($111,000) for information about their whereabouts.

The students, who attended a leftist teachers college in Iguala, went missing on Sept. 26. after violent clashes with police.

The search for the students has turned up a string of mass graves, but officials said none of students were among the remains. On Monday, the government announced the cash rewards and ran full-page newspaper ads with pictures of the young men.

Dozens of police officers have also been questioned over their disappearance. Authorities suspect that corrupt local police officers gave up the students to the local drug cartel, Guerreros Unidos.

Thus far, federal forces have seized control of 13 municipalities from local police in an effort to take control of the explosive region of southern Mexico.

Iguala's Mayor Jose Luis Abarca has also been linked to the drug traffickers. Since the students' disappearance, the mayor and his wife have fled the town.

To learn more about the missing students and the latest news from Iguala, watch the full HuffPost Live video above.

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