M.I.A. References Refugee Crisis In New Video For 'Borders'

The rapper asks, "What's up with that?"

In the music video for her new song "Borders," M.I.A. tackles the refugee crisis, referencing the global situation our world faces today through her imagery and lyrics.

In the self-directed video, the 40-year-old rapper takes the journey of a migrant as she performs in front of refugees who are climbing barbed wire fences and crammed next to each other on boats. 

"I want to dedicate this video to my uncle Bala, my icon and role model," she wrote on Twitter Friday morning. "One of the first Tamil migrant[s] to come to the UK in the '60s who went [on] to inspire so many people as a creative, daring man ..."

The song's lyrics include, "Borders, what's up with that? / Politics, what's up with that? / Police shots, what's up with that? / Identities, what's up with that? / Your privilege, what's up with that?" The main chorus of the song goes, "Guns blows door to the system, yeah, f**k 'em when we say we're not with them / We solid and we don't need to kick them / This is North, South, East and Western." 

"Borders" is off M.I.A's fifth studio album, "Matahdatah." 

Watch the whole video, posted by Apple Music, below: 

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