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M.I.A. Breakup Song: Is 'UNBREAK my Mixtape' About Her Ex-Fiance?

M.I.A. released a new song from her forthcoming album "Matangi" this week, and its style is quite a departure from the songstress's usual tracks.

The song, called "UNBREAK my Mixtape," is made up of several samples from other songs including Carly Simon's "Why" and Karen Dalton’s “I Love You More Than Words Can Say,” combined with M.I.A.'s own original music. Slate writer Forrest Wickman suggests that the song is structured like a mixtape to a former flame, and the lyric, “Here’s a mixtape that I made, let’s take a break,” seems to support that claim.

If the track is indeed about lost love, Salon speculates that it could be directed at M.I.A.'s ex-fiance, Benjamin Bronfman, with whom she is embroiled in a custody suit for their young son.

M.I.A. gave birth to their son, Ikhyd, in February 2009, and the pair called off their engagement in February 2012. The two have been battling for custody of their son since breaking up.

"Matangi" is set for release in October.

Listen to the full track above, then click through the slideshow below for more songs inspired by heartbreak.

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