M.I.A. Releases Graphic, Explicit 'Born Free' Video (NSFW)

M.I.A. Releases Graphic, Explicit 'Born Free' Video (NSFW)

**Warning: video contains extremely graphic violence and full frontal nudity**

MIA released her new video for 'Born Free' on her website Monday, and it's not easy to watch. The video shows U.S. soldiers rounding up redheaded men and boys and bussing them to the desert where they are brutally beaten and killed. Whether it's a comment on the absurdity of genocide (of which MIA saw plenty during her early childhood in Sri Lanka) or a challenge to the idea of "other" in Arizona's immigration law, it is startling even in the context of recent genre-bending music art-films.

The Romain Gavras-directed short is so gruesome (or political) that YouTube pulled it from airing in the U.S., and MIA took to Twitter to rail against her record label, Universal Music Group.

"FUCK UMG WHO WONT SHOW IT ON YOUTUBE! FOR THE U.S >>>>>>WATCH HERE http://miauk.com/" she tweeted. Later she wrote, "OK NOT UMG FAULT!"

MIA also took over Pitchfork's Twitter feed Monday afternoon, where she tweeted vaguely political statements such as, "i got digital cash Hactivism at its best Google Bombing with my Infotainment"


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