Mia Wasikowska For Miu Miu Marks Her First Major Campaign (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Miu Miu's New Kid Is All Right

Just when we were suffering Spring Campaign Fatigue (SCF is totally a real ailment -- ask any fashion blogger), a new announcement worth talking about: Mia Wasikowska is the new face of Miu Miu!

The Cut has snaps of the first ads and there are a few more here, all showing the "The Kids Are All Right" actress in maroon floral prints against a blindingly bright background.

The color palette is bizarre and the mix of prints garish but totally work, achieving a perfect balance of ugly-chic as only Miuccia Prada can.

The Mia-Miu Miu pairing, which will presumably replace the Hailee Steinfeld-Miu Miu partnership, makes perfect sense and not only because of the cutely matching names. Like Miu Miu, Mia is a well-known name but not in-your-face famous, and she experiments with both movie roles and beauty choices for playful, unpredictable results.

The ads aren't our absolute favorite of the season (that honor goes to Mulberry) but we're definitely excited to see what else Mia and Miu Miu will do together.

Below, see the spots as well as a shot of Mia at Miu Miu's Spring 2011 fashion week show.


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